Exporting Business



New Zealand relies heavily on exports to support its economy.

Because of this, the New Zealand Government puts a lot of resource into its national economic development agency, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).




This guide contains the following topics:


Setting up an export business



New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s website contains great tools to help you assess if you are ready to begin exporting your product, and to support you when starting up an export business from scratch.


The NZTE website can set you up with the tools and guides below…


Export Readiness Questionnaire

This web-based questionnaire will help you asses whether you are ready to begin exporting: http://www.nzte.govt.nz/get-ready-to-export/

Depending on your score, the website will direct you to further tools and reports.


How to guides

The NZTE website also contains guides covering:

  • How to prepare an export marketing plan that details the strategies and tactics needed to successfully market your products or services overseas
  • A guide to SWOT analyses with worksheet to conduct your own SWOT analysis
  • A report on successful models for New Zealand export business, including insights from established and emerging exporting firms
  • How to plan for success, with business plan templates
  • Starting a business guide which contains checklists, tips and case studies
  • How to get the most out of e-commerce


Business incubators

Joining a business incubator is a great way for a business to ready itself to begin exporting.

An incubator is a facility designed to assist businesses to become established and sustainable during their start-up phase.

Business incubators may increase a start up’s likelihood of surviving by 50%.

To find out more about incubators see Incubators New Zealand’s website https://www.incubators.org.nz/


The Biz service

The biz service has been specifically designed to assist small and medium sized businesses.

The biz service can assist you to find information about organisations, training and resources to help start, manage or grow your business. It also provides contacts, referrals and information about government and non-government services and programmes to build business capability.

You can talk to a biz advisor by calling 0800 42 49 46 or visit https://www.business.govt.nz


Developing your intangible resources



New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s website offers some great self-help resources to help you develop your knowledge and expertise.


The NZTE website contains the tools and guides below…


Exporting guides

The NZTE website also contains specific comprehensive exporting guides covering:

  • Starting to export
  • Planning export financing
  • Identifying and researching target markets
  • Researching competitors
  • Business plans
  • Risk management
  • Marketing
  • Launching overseas
  • Entering an overseas market
  • Freight and logistics
  • Culture and language barriers
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Conventions, regulations and treaties
  • Intellectual property


Sustainability guides

The sustainability guides explain how a sustainable business may have extra opportunities in a world concerned with waste and renewable resources.

Sustainability simply takes efficiency and productivity to their logical conclusion.


Investment ready guides

The investment ready guides will help you with the ins and outs of finance and attracting investors, covering:

  • Finance
  • Understanding the investment environment
  • Preparing to approach investors
  • Presenting to potential investors
  • Business valuation
  • Investment resources


Business mentoring and training services

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise offers advice on business mentoring and training and also lists a range of mentoring and training services which it helps fund.


Targeted business Services

NZTE also has targeted business services such as Better By Design, Lean Business and Manufacturing+.


Going international



New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s website has helpful advice on tapping into overseas markets by using international networks.


The NZTE website contains detailed information on the services below…


Beachheads Programme

The NZTE Beachheads Programme is a global public-private partnership designed for high-growth New Zealand businesses looking to succeed internationally.

Set up a decade ago, Beachheads has over 80 advisors located in North America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, India, Europe and New Zealand.


Path to Market

Path to Market is a business capability building programme. It bundles a range of services from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) with expertise from the private sector to support capable, proven companies to fast-track their entry into Australia.

Entry to the programme is by invitation only and the programme is broken into three parts. The three main parts of the programme are:

  • Export training and advice
  • Assessment of each company’s sales pitch by a mock panel of investors
  • A targeted Australian introduction programme



ProjectLink is a paid online service, operating for over a decade, which gives a business access to Australian market information for the following industries:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding and marine
  • Production and processing
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Services


Growth industries and business trends

NZTE can offer advice on current growth industries such as biotechnology, specialised manufacturing and tourism.

They also work to identify emerging global business trends such as sustainability, clean technology, wool and entertainment.


Export markets



New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s website contains market-specific information by country to assist business owners to develop their products and services for specific industries in particular markets.

This section offers the ability to click on a map location and be shown geographically relevant information.


The NZTE website contains detailed reports on the areas below…


Export intelligence reports

Export intelligence reports are a real-time list of the latest NZTE reports on trends, commercial opportunities and company movements in key markets around the world.


Market research

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise also offers market research, broken down by industry:

  • Biotechnology and agritechnology
  • Creative industries
  • Education
  • Food and beverage
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Services
  • Specialised manufacturing
  • Wood, building and interiors


Funding assistance



New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s website lists a range of programmes offered by NZTE to help businesses develop and succeed globally.


The NZTE website contains detailed reports on the areas below…


International Growth Fund

This fund is targeted at businesses most likely to contribute to New Zealand’s long-term growth, including through success internationally in the short to medium term.


Australia New Zealand Biotechnology Partnership Fund

NZTE’s Australia New Zealand Biotechnology Partnership Fund is designed to support and speed up trans-Tasman collaborations in biotechnology, thereby giving companies in both countries better access to global opportunities.

This fund is currently closed to all applicants and is under review.


The Red Meat Sector Market Development Contestable Fund

The Red Meat Sector Market Development Contestable Fund opened in 2011 and offers co-investment opportunities for New Zealand meat companies.

The fund is a joint initiative between NZTE and Beef + Lamb and aims to encourage industry-led projects that have the scope and scale to improve the profitability, competitiveness and sustainable growth of the wider meat sector.

More detail and application forms can be found on the NZTE website.