Annual Questionnaires

Annual Questionnaires

Annual Questionnaires

This year, we have made a change to the way we provide our Annual Questionnaires to you, in order to make them easier to complete and more accessible.

It is very important that you complete the relevant questionnaires because they provide us with essential information that we need to complete your financial accounts and assist us to ensure that all your tax obligations are met. We would therefore appreciate it if you could take the time to complete it and attach the relevant information (you will be guided as to the information we need as you work through the questionnaire).

You are likely to be required to complete more than one type of questionnaire, depending on the entities that are applicable to you. Most clients will need to complete a business questionnaire (which covers businesses operating through a Company, Partnership or Sole Trading, as well as all rental property owners, except for Trusts). Trusts have their own questionnaire. We ask you to also complete a personal questionnaire for all associated people for whom we prepare a personal tax return. If you are unsure of the questionnaire(s) that apply to you, please contact your Client Manager. You can return the completed questionnaire, additional information and our signed Terms of Engagement using one of two methods:

Email it to:
Mail it to: Accounts Team, BDS Chartered Accountants Limited, PO Box 7277, Auckland 1141.
Click on the relevant link below to download a form to your computer. Then open the file in Adobe Reader and complete the required information. Once you are done choose File > Save As to save your work, you can then mail your completed forms back to us.

Terms of Engagement – Please sign and return together with your completed questionnaire(s).

Business Questionnaire 2020 – For Sole traders, contractors, rental property owners, companies, or partnerships.

Trust Questionnaire 2020 – For New Zealand resident family, trading, or investment trusts.

Individual Questionnaire 2020 – Please prepare an Individual Questionnaire for each person that we are completing a personal income tax return for (use the Non-Resident Questionnaire for taxpayers living overseas)

Individual Non-Resident Questionnaire 2020 – Use if you reside outside of New Zealand (includes those who arrived or departed New Zealand during the year)