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Small businesses need effective financial planning and accounting to achieve growth and profitability. Xero is based on the principle that small businesses are highly sensitive to shifts in their balance sheet and cashflow. Their ability to monitor financial performance in real-time and plan ahead is crucial. Small businesses make up more than 90% of all businesses across OECD countries, so their success or otherwise has a direct effect on the greater economy.

BDS is a Xero Platinum Partner so we’re experts in helping businesses like yours get the most from Xero.

Xero is an easy-to-use, powerful online accounting platform designed from the ground up for the cloud and is not adapted from desktop software. Xero provides a growing list of connected solutions:

  • Client accounting for small business available anywhere at any time, and on mobile devices
  • Accountant tools for management reporting and final accounts production
  • Personal financial management

Xero software is hosted securely on the Internet and releases new features frequently. Click here for more on Xero


Making Xero work for you

Making Xero work for you is about how we approach the Xero conversion process – together. Before switching a client to Xero, our in-house accountants evaluate:

  1. Whether it’s the right accounting system for you
  2. What version of Xero you should be using
  3. What additional services might help in running your business as smoothly as possible\
  4. Whether the cost meets the benefits

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